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Chanak Hi-Arm Soft Bullet Gun With 10 Bullets

Chanak Hi-Arm Soft Bullet Gun With 10 Bullets

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- 🔫 Soft Bullet Gun: Chanak's Hi-Arm Soft Bullet Gun is designed as an ideal shooting toy for young kids, providing them with a safe and enjoyable playing experience.

- 🌟 Durable Construction: Crafted from quality grade plastic material, the gun is built to be durable, ensuring long-lasting use for countless hours of play.

- 🚫 Harmless Bullets: The bullets or darts used with this gun are made from foam, rendering them completely harmless when shot from any range, prioritising the safety of children during play.

- 🎯 Effective Range: With an effective shooting range of up to 40 feet, this soft bullet gun offers exciting outdoor play opportunities for kids.

- 👦 Easy to Use: Simply load the soft bullets into the gun barrel, pull back, and then pull the trigger to launch the bullets. The pull-back trigger mechanism enhances the excitement of play, whether in head-to-head battles or team competitions.

- ⚡ Quick Loading: Featuring a quick-loading bullet chamber, this gun enables fast and seamless shooting and reloading, keeping the action going without interruptions.

- 🏃‍♂️ Active Play: Encouraging active play and outdoor fun, this soft bullet gun engages kids in energetic games, fostering physical activity and social interaction.

- 🎉 Great for Parties: Perfect for parties or group play, this gun adds excitement and enjoyment to any gathering, providing endless entertainment for kids.

- 🛡️ Safety First: Designed with safety in mind, this soft bullet gun ensures that children can engage in imaginative play without the risk of harm or injury.

- 🌈 Versatile Fun: Whether playing solo or with friends, indoors or outdoors, this soft bullet gun offers versatile fun for kids, sparking their imagination and creativity in various scenarios.

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