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Aditi Toys Pvt. Ltd.

Chanak Play & Learn Building Blocks Animal Learning Building Blocks Puzzle Set for Kids (200 Pcs)

Chanak Play & Learn Building Blocks Animal Learning Building Blocks Puzzle Set for Kids (200 Pcs)

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🧩 Educational Delight: Aditi Toys' Character Puzzle sparks creativity and imagination, serving as an educational tool. Kids can learn about animal species, colors, shapes, and basic construction through these vibrant and engaging building blocks.

🎉 Playful Learning: The puzzle brings joy with small plastic characters that interlock to create pictures or shapes. It's a delightful way for kids to have fun while learning about spatial relationships and coordination.

🌈 Multicolour Marvel: Aditi Toys' Character Puzzle features a variety of colours, adding a vibrant and visually appealing aspect to the learning experience. The colourful characters enhance engagement and make the educational process enjoyable.

🎨 Interactive Building: The puzzle involves interlocking characters, encouraging hands-on play and fostering fine motor skills. As children connect the pieces, they actively participate in the learning process, making education fun.

🚸 Safe and Secure: Safety is a priority with 100% non-toxic materials used in the puzzle's construction. The design eliminates sharp edges, ensuring a secure play environment. The puzzle pieces are large enough to be easily grasped by little hands.

🐒🐻🐰🦁 Charming Characters: The set includes adorable characters like a monkey, bear, rabbit, and lion. These charming figures not only make learning enjoyable but also spark imaginative play as kids create stories with their new animal friends.

🤔 Spatial Skills: The puzzle aids in developing spatial awareness as kids fit the characters together. It's a hands-on approach to learning about how different pieces can come together to form a complete picture or shape.

🧒 Child-Friendly Design: Crafted with the comfort of children in mind, the puzzle's size is perfect for small hands. The puzzle offers a tactile experience, allowing children to explore and manipulate the pieces effortlessly.

🤢 Non-Toxic Assurance: The puzzle's non-toxic composition ensures that even if kids explore with their mouths, there's no harm. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that the materials are safe for their little ones.

🌟 Learning Through Play: Aditi Toys' Character Puzzle aligns learning with play, making it an enjoyable and effective way for children to absorb essential concepts while having a great time.

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