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Chanak's Wooden Dominoes Set includes 100 pieces of Blocks in 9 vibrant colours

Chanak's Wooden Dominoes Set includes 100 pieces of Blocks in 9 vibrant colours

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- 🌈 Variety of Colours: Chanak's Wooden Block Set includes 100 pieces of dominoes in 9 vibrant colours, inspiring creativity and imagination in children as they build various patterns and structures.

- 🏗️ Stacking and Building: In addition to traditional domino play, children can use these blocks for stacking and building, allowing for endless possibilities of structures and designs.

- 🧠 Educational Benefits: These domino blocks serve as an educational toy, promoting critical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity, and hand-eye coordination in children.

- 👶 Safe and Natural: Made from 100% natural wood, these Wooden Domino blocks are free from toxic materials, ensuring the safety of your child during play.

- 🔍 Sensory Development: Constructing with domino blocks requires excellent hand-eye coordination, contributing to sensory knowledge and development in children.

- 🎨 Creative Play: With nine different colours available, children can explore their creativity by building colourful and imaginative structures.

- 🏡 Endless Possibilities: The versatility of these blocks allows children to create a wide range of patterns, designs, and structures, providing hours of engaging play.

- 🛠️ Fine Motor Skills: Manipulating and arranging the domino blocks helps children refine their fine motor skills as they grasp, stack, and arrange the pieces.

- 🚸 Age-Appropriate: Designed for children, these domino blocks are suitable for kids of various ages, offering age-appropriate challenges and developmental benefits.

- ♻️ Durable and Eco-Friendly: Crafted from high-quality, sustainable wood, these domino blocks are both durable and environmentally friendly, ensuring long-lasting play and enjoyment.

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