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Chanak's Wooden Sorting Box For Kids

Chanak's Wooden Sorting Box For Kids

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🎨 Crafted from Wood: Chanak's Wooden Sorting Box is carefully crafted from wood, ensuring durability and eco-friendliness.

🚫 No Plastics/Batteries: Free from plastics and batteries, this toy promotes sustainability and reduces environmental impact.

👐 Handmade: Each piece is carefully handmade, adding a personal touch and ensuring high quality.

👶 Safe Materials: Made with safe materials for kids, ensuring they can play without worry.

🚫 Non-Toxic: Non-toxic materials make this toy safe for children's playtime.

🌱 Gentle on Nature: Eco-friendly materials ensure minimal impact on the environment, teaching kids the importance of sustainability.

🎓 Educational Toy: An educational toy for preschool and kindergarten tots, featuring animals, fruits, birds, vehicles, and vegetables for sorting activities.

💡 Soft Skills Development: Inculcates soft skills like adaptability and positivity, preparing children for future challenges.

🧩 Improves Skills: Helps with spatial orientation, visual discrimination, fine motor skills, vocabulary, and concentration.

🎨 Promotes Creativity: Encourages creativity and problem-solving skills as children explore different sorting activities and build with the blocks.

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