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Premium Doctor Set Trolley for Kids with LED Light Instruments (Pink)

Premium Doctor Set Trolley for Kids with LED Light Instruments (Pink)

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🩺 3 IN 1 CONVERTIBLE MODE: Versatile 3-in-1 doctor kit transforms into a trolley case, a medical tool table, and a doctor tool bench. Simple assembly, easy transport, and convenient storage enhance kids' hands-on skills and imagination.

🔊 REALISTIC SOUND AND LIGHT EFFECTS: The latest Chanak stethoscope allows children to hear authentic heartbeats. The hammer, thermometer, oral mirror, and otoscope emit light, enhancing the play experience with realistic sound and light effects. The syringe is pressable for added realism.

🩹 13 PIECES KIDS DOCTOR KIT: Chanak premium doctor set includes a Stethoscope, Autoscope, Hammer, Syringe, Thermometer, Oral Mirror, Scissor, Surgical Scissor, Tweezer, Eye Glass, and Body Parts Flashcards. A professional-grade kit for informative and educational experiences.

🎓 EDUCATIONAL & FUN: The doctor pretend play set is an educational and enjoyable activity for children. It sparks imagination, enhances creativity, and develops empathy and social skills. Kids learn about medical instruments and become familiar with different body parts, reducing anxiety about real doctor visits.

🚑 IMAGINATIVE PLAY: Chanak kids doctor kit encourages imaginative play, crucial for cognitive and social development. Children can pretend to be doctors or nurses, using medical tools to diagnose and treat imaginary patients.

 🌈 VIBRANT AND ENGAGING: The doctor set's vibrant colours and engaging features make learning fun for kids, creating a positive association with healthcare-related activities.

🎁 PERFECT GIFT: This premium doctor set with pull & push trolley is an ideal gift for birthdays, fostering creativity and learning through play.

🤝 SOCIAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Through role-playing, kids enhance their social skills, learning to communicate and collaborate as they engage in medical scenarios with friends or family.

🌐 INFORMATIVE EXPERIENCE: The kit offers an informative experience, introducing children to the world of medical tools and procedures in a playful and accessible manner.

 🩺 REDUCES ANXIETY: Engaging in doctor pretend play can help alleviate children's anxiety about medical situations, making them more comfortable with the idea of visiting a real doctor.

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